A Painful Journey

This is a true story – and it is not a happy one. It is also one that I tried very hard not to tell.

Cardiac Arrhythmia causes 75,000 sudden deaths in the UK each year – more than breast cancer and lung cancer put together. This is the story of someone who developed cardiac arrhythmia and narrowly avoided becoming one of those statistics. More particularly, it is the story about the way the condition was treated by the medical profession and the life-changing consequences of that treatment.  It is a story about medical error and the lies that were told to cover up those mistakes and eventually, about the abject failure and dishonesty of the public bodies who should have righted the wrongs. The story is still unfolding but it is already a long story. I hope its telling will allow lessons to be learned. Above all, it is intended to bring about positive change, and who knows, perhaps save a life or two.

You can navigate through ‘The Story so Far’ using the sidebar menu.  The story is told in full in a series of chapters but there is also a Synopsis, providing a very brief outline of the entire tale which you can read in just a few minutes so you will understand why it is being told. However, if you do choose the Synopsis rather than the longer chapters, please read the Foreword and Introduction first to put the tale into context.

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